Choosing the Best Lift Kit for Your Ford Ranger: A Comprehensive Guide

Lillian Nelson

When it comes to enhancing your Ford Ranger’s off-road capabilities, installing a lift kit is a game-changer. Whether you’re tackling rugged trails, conquering rocky terrain, or simply want to give your truck a more aggressive stance, the right lift kit can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore various lift kit options for the Ford Ranger, considering factors like ride quality, tire clearance, and ease of installation.

1. Rough Country 5-Inch Lift Kit for Ford Ranger (1998-2011)

The Rough Country 5-inch lift kit is designed for older Ford Ranger models (1998-2011). It provides an impressive lift, allowing you to fit larger tires and navigate challenging obstacles. The kit includes everything you need, from suspension components to hardware. Keep in mind that such a substantial lift may affect on-road handling and ride comfort.

Price: $999.95[^1^]

2. Rough Country 3.5-Inch Lift Kit for Ford Ranger 4WD (2019-2024)

If you own a newer Ford Ranger (2019-2024), the Rough Country 3.5-inch lift kit is an excellent choice. It strikes a balance between off-road capability and daily drivability. With this lift, you’ll gain extra ground clearance without compromising ride quality. Plus, it’s relatively affordable.

Price: $399.95[^1^]

3. Old Man Emu Lift Kit by ARB

For those seeking a premium lift kit, the Old Man Emu (OME) lift is worth considering. OME is known for its high-quality components and excellent performance. The kit includes upgraded shocks, coil springs, and leaf springs. While it won’t give you extreme lift, it significantly improves off-road handling and ride comfort.

Price: Varies by retailer

Rating: 5 stars out of 5; rated by 33 shoppers[^4^]

4. Tuff Country 3-Inch Suspension Lift Kit

The Tuff Country 3-inch lift kit strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. It’s suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. The kit includes front and rear components, ensuring proper alignment and stability. While not as aggressive as a 5-inch lift, it’s a practical choice for everyday use.

Price: $262.11[^5^]

5. Belltech Trail Performance Lowering Coil-Over Kit

Wait, lowering kit? Yes, hear us out. If you’re looking for improved handling and a sleek appearance, consider the Belltech Trail Performance kit. It lowers your Ranger’s ride height by up to 2.75 inches, enhancing stability during cornering. While not a traditional lift, it’s a unique option for street-oriented Rangers.

Price: $699.00[^5^]

6. Fishbone Offroad Leaf Spring Shim

For fine-tuning your lift, the Fishbone Offroad leaf spring shim is a handy accessory. It allows you to adjust the angle of your leaf springs, optimizing ride quality and preventing driveline vibrations. While not a complete lift kit, it complements other modifications.

Price: $35.99[^5^]


Choosing the best lift kit for your Ford Ranger depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like lift height, budget, and intended use. Whether you’re aiming for extreme off-road capability or a balanced setup, there’s a lift kit out there to elevate your Ranger’s performance.

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